XlsxWriter was written by John McNamara.

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Asking questions#

If you have questions about XlsxWriter here are some ways to deal with them:

  • Bug Reports:

    See the Reporting Bugs section of the docs.

  • Feature Requests:

    Open a Feature Request issue on Github issues.

  • Pull Requests:

    See the Contributing Guide. Note, all Pull Requests must start with an Issue Tracker.

  • General Questions:

    General questions about how to use the module should be asked on StackOverflow. Add the xlsxwriter tag to the question.

    Questions on StackOverflow have the advantage of (usually) getting several answers and it also leaves a searchable question for someone else.

  • Email:

    If none of the above apply you can contact me at

Sponsorship and Donations#

I write and maintain a series of open source libraries for creating Excel files. The most commonly used are XlsxWriter in Python, Libxlsxwriter in C and Excel::Writer::XLSX and Spreadsheet::WriteExcel in Perl.

My aim is to write well documented and well tested code that does what the user needs and doesn’t get in their way. You can help make this continue, or show your appreciation for work to date, by making a donation via PayPal.